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Unlock Oppo A71 CPH1801 Without Dongle One Click Done

On the occasion of this post, the admin will share about how to open the oppo a71 cph1801 pattern or password without having to use the help of a dongle tool, here how to only use the mrt Cr4k V2.60 tool and then how?

First download and prepare the materials needed below :

QDLoaderHS_USB_Driver : Download

MRT Dongle V2.60 Cr4ck :  Download

if everything needed has been downloaded then extract the driver install and also mrt v2.60 if everything is installed open the mrt v2.60 tool and settings as in the example image below

to enter 9008 mode, turn off the cellphone until it is completely dead then press vol up + vol down simultaneously while plugging in the usb cable already installed on the pc.

return to the mrt tool v2.60 settings as in the example picture

Click start wait until the process is complete, it doesn't take long for the process. when it's finished as shown in the image below
Alright, that's enough until the admin thinks it's finished. just turn on the phone again the settings like when you buy a new phone.

Sorry if the explanation is incomplete.
Thank you, hopefully it can help, if you have any questions regarding the post, please comment

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